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November 2009

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zorya_thinks in dayton_pagan

Minutes of the DPA Steering Committee, May 7, 2009

Members present:


Members absent:




Business discussed:

1. Beltane ritual recap. All agreed that the Beltane ritual went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy the play (sacred theater). The only change we need to make is to remember to put the arch, if used in the future, closer into the circle area. All agreed to look at doing sacred theater for future rituals. Tina suggested that we advertise future public rituals as “sacred theater” instead of “rite” or “ritual.” We also need to mention in future advertisements that DPA will provide plates, plasticware, cups and napkins.

2. Pagan Pride Day 2009. DAPN has requested that they be allowed to sell raffle tickets for a 50/50 raffle at the next 4 PNO’s, with a drawing at the September PNO. Proceeds would benefit the charity Oak Tree Corner. After discussion the Steering Committee decided that tickets could be sold at the August and September PNO with the drawing at the September PNO.

DAPN has also asked DPA to conduct the main ritual at Pagan Pride Day 2009. After discussion the Steering Committee agreed that we would handle the ritual. The suggestion was made and adopted that we finish the story of Demeter and Persephone that we told at Beltane with Persephone going back to the Underworld.

Finally, the Steering Committee discussed the idea of having an information table at PPDD. Moonsilk suggested that we could have tarot readings as a fundraiser. She said that there would need to be at least two readers, as she was a bit overloaded last time.

3. DPA Camp-out. The Steering Committee agreed that we would hold the camp-out at Hueston Woods from Friday July 10th to Sunday July 12th. Zorya will reserve two campsites online for the outing. We can have up to 12 people on the two sites. We will discuss menu and activities at the June meeting.

4. Pagans Night Out: Discussion of themes for the next few months. May will be open discussion. June will be Pagan Bingo. July’s theme is to be determined. August will be the DAPN raffle sale and open discussion.

5. Continued discussion - Where do we go from here? Steering committee reviewed the latest questionnaire responses. After discussion we agreed to look at holding a study group in the fall. Zorya is planning to work on a podcast (tentatively titled “Flights of Pagan Fancy”) with a possible tie in to the study group.

For the next meeting Zorya will present a feasibility study she made of establishing a physical community center.