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November 2009

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zorya_thinks in dayton_pagan

Minutes of the July 08 DPA Steering Meeting

Minutes of the DPA Steering Committee
July 3, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m.

Committee Members in attendance:
Doug Hubbard
Susan Bergeron
Tina Porter
Lucy Jameson
Jim Poltrone

Committee Members absent:

Dawn Rose Amadea

Old Business

1. Summer Newsletter for Sinclair Campus Ministry: Review draft newsletter and finalize

A draft of the Summer Newsletter passed around and reviewed. the newsletter was approved unanimously. Tina suggested that we provide 20 or 30 copies to Campus Ministry to last the quarter. Lucy will do 20 copies. All members agreed that the next newsletter will be scheduled for September with a date of 15 September for the for publication date. Jim would be willing to do Strega article. Doug volunteered to do an article on the Nine Noble Truths of Asatru. Future project - develop submission guidelines.

Status: Closed

PNO in the Park in July: updates on action items from June

The project is on schedule. Lucy will get 36 dogs and buns, condiments and charcoal and plastic cutlery as necessary. Tina has plates and napkins from last picnic.

Lucy will make a “PNO in the Park” sign to put on the shelter.

Status: Closed

By-Laws Development: Continue discussion from June

The proposed by-laws were reviewed item by item. Some changes were suggested that will be incorporated into the final product. Final review of updated bylaws will be presented at August meeting.

Status: Open

Non-Profit Status: Review documents required to establish an Ohio non-profit corporation

Lucy passed around copies of the pertinent documents and explained what sort of information would have to be provided. Specifically, we need to have initial directors and a statutory agent. All members agreed to think about the requirements and discuss them at the next meeting.

Status: Open

New Business

Other business as raised at meeting

Review prices for picnic.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


I was there too.
Sorry Jim. I cut and pasted the list from the June meeting instead of typing it out and I didn't double check before I posted.

It's corrected now.