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November 2009

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Notes from the October 2009 Steering Committee Meeting

Members present:


Members absent:


Business discussed:

1. October PNO: Reviewed the activities planned for the 10th anniversary Pagans Night Out on October 13th. Bruce has agreed to give a short talk on the Tarot. Moonsilk will do Tarot readings for donations. We will also have a raffle with the following items: Traveling altar box, pagan themed book, both donated by Zorya and a hand made gemstone wand donated by Mary Lou and Tom Oxley. DPA will also provide a half sheet cake.

2. November PNO: The theme will be “Hidden in Plain Sight.” What if you had to set up an altar in an environment that is not exactly favorable to pagans? What would you include? Why? Bring your items to the November PNO and join us in a “show and tell.” We will announce the theme on the DPA yahoogroup and the DAPN yahoogroup, as well as the Facebook DPA group and on the Twitter site.

3. Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes: We raised $40 from tarot readings at Pagan Pride Day toward the purchase of 3 Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes from Angel Food Ministries. We need an additional $68, which we will attempt to raise at the October PNO raffle. These boxes will be given to needy families in the local community.

4. Common Ground: Zorya will make contact with the clergy persons who are operating the interdenominational center at the Dayton Mall and arrange a time for the Steering Committee to meet them and tour the center.

5. Newsletter : The Fall 2009 newsletter will be ready by the end of October for distribution to Campus Ministry at Sinclair Community College the first week of November. The Winter 2010 newsletter is planned for mid January.

6. Gift Wrapping Fundraiser: We are waiting for Borders to get back to us on dates for gift wrapping over the Christmas/Yule season. We are going to request Dec 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th and 24th.

7. Spell work: Flower magic spell work will be woven on October 18th. Zorya has donated a flower bed for the plantings. The intention of the spell work is to weave a web of prosperity in the community that will grow and increase as the bulbs sprout and flower next Spring and Summer.

The next meeting of the Steering Committee will be on November 5th at 7pm.