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November 2009

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November 2008 Steering Committee Meeting

Location: Panera Bread, Brown Street , Dayton, Ohio
Steering Committee Members Attending: Dawn, Tina, Susan, Doug, Jim and Tina

The meeting opened at 7:30 pm. The following items were discussed

1) Bylaws. The bylaws were reviewed and revised. They will be signed by the Steering Committee at the December 2008 meeting and published on the website. (Closed)

2. Pagan Pride Day 2008. Discussion on the pros and cons of participating in this year’s PPD. Tina reported that DPA netted $55 from her tarot readings. Discussed the possibility of co-hosting PPD in 2009 or hosting it ourselves in 2010. Dawn stated that if we are really interested we need to look into reserving Triangle Park very far in advance. (Open)

3. Sinclair Pagan Student Club - Susan reported that they can’t move forward on this until they get more students interested. Tina, Susan and Doug agreed that they need to have a brainstorming session to look at ideas to promote the group. Tina will contact Kris S and ask him when he can get together with them. (Open)

4. PNO - Readdressed idea of moving PNO to Panera Bread. Susan says that in the light of the increased attendance in October that we should hold off moving locations until we see what happens with attendance. November PNO will have Pagan Bingo, and December PNO will have a recipe exchange. (Closed)

5. Tina and Doug have agreed to handle the money and the bank account. Tina suggests moving the account from Chase to National City. Chase has been charging a $10 monthly fee, but National City does not have one. Lucy will check with Chase Bank and find out what we need to do to close the account. (Open)

6. Gift Wrapping at Borders fundraiser. We will gift wrap on Dec 14th, 20th, 21st (first shift) and 24th (all day). Dawn will call Borders and arrange for us to be scheduled. (Open)

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm