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Nov. 2nd, 2009



Notes from the October 2009 Steering Committee Meeting

Members present:


Members absent:


Business discussed:

1. October PNO: Reviewed the activities planned for the 10th anniversary Pagans Night Out on October 13th. Bruce has agreed to give a short talk on the Tarot. Moonsilk will do Tarot readings for donations. We will also have a raffle with the following items: Traveling altar box, pagan themed book, both donated by Zorya and a hand made gemstone wand donated by Mary Lou and Tom Oxley. DPA will also provide a half sheet cake.

2. November PNO: The theme will be “Hidden in Plain Sight.” What if you had to set up an altar in an environment that is not exactly favorable to pagans? What would you include? Why? Bring your items to the November PNO and join us in a “show and tell.” We will announce the theme on the DPA yahoogroup and the DAPN yahoogroup, as well as the Facebook DPA group and on the Twitter site.

3. Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes: We raised $40 from tarot readings at Pagan Pride Day toward the purchase of 3 Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes from Angel Food Ministries. We need an additional $68, which we will attempt to raise at the October PNO raffle. These boxes will be given to needy families in the local community.

4. Common Ground: Zorya will make contact with the clergy persons who are operating the interdenominational center at the Dayton Mall and arrange a time for the Steering Committee to meet them and tour the center.

5. Newsletter : The Fall 2009 newsletter will be ready by the end of October for distribution to Campus Ministry at Sinclair Community College the first week of November. The Winter 2010 newsletter is planned for mid January.

6. Gift Wrapping Fundraiser: We are waiting for Borders to get back to us on dates for gift wrapping over the Christmas/Yule season. We are going to request Dec 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th and 24th.

7. Spell work: Flower magic spell work will be woven on October 18th. Zorya has donated a flower bed for the plantings. The intention of the spell work is to weave a web of prosperity in the community that will grow and increase as the bulbs sprout and flower next Spring and Summer.

The next meeting of the Steering Committee will be on November 5th at 7pm.

Oct. 26th, 2009

Thor's Hammer


Sinclair ARF October Meetings

Hello, a friendly reminder that the Sinclair Alternative Religion Forum will be holding our monthly meetings this week:


Tuesday, Oct 27 at 12 noon

Wednesday, Oct 28 at 6pm


Both meetings will be in the Main Street Café, 2nd Floor, Bldg 10, Sinclair Main Campus.


            Hope to see everyone there!


                        Doug Hubbard


                        Advisor, Sinclair ARF


Oct. 14th, 2009

pagan, Clear tattoo


Forgotten items

Someone left behind a knife and cutting board at PNO. If you are the person missing these items please contact me at ladyosun@yahoo.com


Aug. 19th, 2009

Thor's Hammer


New Website for Heathens in Ohio

There is a new website for Heathen's (Asatruar) in Ohio.


It has information on Kindreds in SW Ohio, including the Urhorn Kindred in Dayton, of which I am a member.

May. 13th, 2009


(no subject)

Minutes of the DPA Steering Committee, May 7, 2009

Members present:


Members absent:




Business discussed:

1. Beltane ritual recap. All agreed that the Beltane ritual went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy the play (sacred theater). The only change we need to make is to remember to put the arch, if used in the future, closer into the circle area. All agreed to look at doing sacred theater for future rituals. Tina suggested that we advertise future public rituals as “sacred theater” instead of “rite” or “ritual.” We also need to mention in future advertisements that DPA will provide plates, plasticware, cups and napkins.

2. Pagan Pride Day 2009. DAPN has requested that they be allowed to sell raffle tickets for a 50/50 raffle at the next 4 PNO’s, with a drawing at the September PNO. Proceeds would benefit the charity Oak Tree Corner. After discussion the Steering Committee decided that tickets could be sold at the August and September PNO with the drawing at the September PNO.

DAPN has also asked DPA to conduct the main ritual at Pagan Pride Day 2009. After discussion the Steering Committee agreed that we would handle the ritual. The suggestion was made and adopted that we finish the story of Demeter and Persephone that we told at Beltane with Persephone going back to the Underworld.

Finally, the Steering Committee discussed the idea of having an information table at PPDD. Moonsilk suggested that we could have tarot readings as a fundraiser. She said that there would need to be at least two readers, as she was a bit overloaded last time.

3. DPA Camp-out. The Steering Committee agreed that we would hold the camp-out at Hueston Woods from Friday July 10th to Sunday July 12th. Zorya will reserve two campsites online for the outing. We can have up to 12 people on the two sites. We will discuss menu and activities at the June meeting.

4. Pagans Night Out: Discussion of themes for the next few months. May will be open discussion. June will be Pagan Bingo. July’s theme is to be determined. August will be the DAPN raffle sale and open discussion.

5. Continued discussion - Where do we go from here? Steering committee reviewed the latest questionnaire responses. After discussion we agreed to look at holding a study group in the fall. Zorya is planning to work on a podcast (tentatively titled “Flights of Pagan Fancy”) with a possible tie in to the study group.

For the next meeting Zorya will present a feasibility study she made of establishing a physical community center.

Mar. 11th, 2009



We've gotten a bit behind posting here.

Just wanted to let folks know that we have a presence on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter

Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=70675098241

MySpace Group: http://groups.myspace.com/daytonpaganalliance

Twitter: http://twitter.com/DaytonOhPagans

Nov. 30th, 2008



December 2008 Steering Committee Meeting

The December Steering Committee Meeting will be held on Dec 4th at 7:30 pm.

Items for discussion will be:

Final Review of ByLaws

Borders Gift Wrapping Fund Raiser

December Pagans Night Out theme

Proposed Amazon Associates Store

Discussion of 2009 Calendar

Please contact Zorya at daytonpaganalliance@gmail.com for more information

Nov. 10th, 2008



November 2008 Steering Committee Meeting

Location: Panera Bread, Brown Street , Dayton, Ohio
Steering Committee Members Attending: Dawn, Tina, Susan, Doug, Jim and Tina

The meeting opened at 7:30 pm. The following items were discussed

1) Bylaws. The bylaws were reviewed and revised. They will be signed by the Steering Committee at the December 2008 meeting and published on the website. (Closed)

2. Pagan Pride Day 2008. Discussion on the pros and cons of participating in this year’s PPD. Tina reported that DPA netted $55 from her tarot readings. Discussed the possibility of co-hosting PPD in 2009 or hosting it ourselves in 2010. Dawn stated that if we are really interested we need to look into reserving Triangle Park very far in advance. (Open)

3. Sinclair Pagan Student Club - Susan reported that they can’t move forward on this until they get more students interested. Tina, Susan and Doug agreed that they need to have a brainstorming session to look at ideas to promote the group. Tina will contact Kris S and ask him when he can get together with them. (Open)

4. PNO - Readdressed idea of moving PNO to Panera Bread. Susan says that in the light of the increased attendance in October that we should hold off moving locations until we see what happens with attendance. November PNO will have Pagan Bingo, and December PNO will have a recipe exchange. (Closed)

5. Tina and Doug have agreed to handle the money and the bank account. Tina suggests moving the account from Chase to National City. Chase has been charging a $10 monthly fee, but National City does not have one. Lucy will check with Chase Bank and find out what we need to do to close the account. (Open)

6. Gift Wrapping at Borders fundraiser. We will gift wrap on Dec 14th, 20th, 21st (first shift) and 24th (all day). Dawn will call Borders and arrange for us to be scheduled. (Open)

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm

Nov. 6th, 2008

Thor's Hammer


Thoughts on recent events

I originally posted this to my own LJ (http://owlsforodin.livejournal.com), and after some self-debate, decided to crossposted them here as well.


What does the PPD protest, the California Prop 8 referendum, and the fact that Sarah Palin was a VP nominee mean for pagans?


If you think that religious freedom in this country isn’t threatened, consider this. John McCain won the Republican nomination because many party rank-and-file (like me!) were wanting someone who wasn’t head-stuck-in-Bible. However, the Religious Right still held sufficient clout to get one of their darlings, Sarah Palin, onto the Republican Presidential ticket. For the record, I voted for Obama as much to keep her away from high political station as for any other reason, and maintaining religious freedom was my primary motivation.


For me, these events mean that being publicly pagan is more important than ever. That doesn’t mean we have to shout it from highest hilltops and tallest buildings, but it does mean that we shouldn’t have to avoid mentioning it either. In my office, it’s well-known that I’m Asatru. Two years ago, for Halloween, the office decided to do a religious theme, and they asked me to play God. I asked them, “Which one?” I did come to work that Halloween dressed as the one-eyed Norse god that most associate me with. If anyone asks about my choice of calendars (owls and turtles), I tell them about my totem spirits. I’ve also had rune signs and phrases in runes displayed on or around my desk in an appropriate fashion. Yes, my coworkers think I’m a bit weird, but I accept that. Many don’t even know that paganism exists, much less what it’s truly about. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that I’m the only pagan they know personally.


And that’s the important part, they know SOMEONE who’s pagan. Pagans should not allow themselves to be reduced to a faceless mass that hides away and doesn’t show itself. Pagans need to be someone that an everyday person knows and respects. That makes it harder for those everyday people to be a silent majority when zealots and fearmongerers are attempting to pass legislation and constitutional amendments against us. Or worse, use us as hate-symbols for tyrants wanting power. We need to not allow ourselves to be seen as a wacky cult a la Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, or the Branch Davidians. We need to be seen for what we are:  responsible people trying to get through the world the best way we know how, just like many nonpagans are.


Jul. 7th, 2008


Minutes of the July 08 DPA Steering Meeting

Minutes of the DPA Steering Committee
July 3, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m.

Committee Members in attendance:
Doug Hubbard
Susan Bergeron
Tina Porter
Lucy Jameson
Jim Poltrone

Committee Members absent:

Dawn Rose Amadea

Old Business

1. Summer Newsletter for Sinclair Campus Ministry: Review draft newsletter and finalize

A draft of the Summer Newsletter passed around and reviewed. the newsletter was approved unanimously. Tina suggested that we provide 20 or 30 copies to Campus Ministry to last the quarter. Lucy will do 20 copies. All members agreed that the next newsletter will be scheduled for September with a date of 15 September for the for publication date. Jim would be willing to do Strega article. Doug volunteered to do an article on the Nine Noble Truths of Asatru. Future project - develop submission guidelines.

Status: Closed

PNO in the Park in July: updates on action items from June

The project is on schedule. Lucy will get 36 dogs and buns, condiments and charcoal and plastic cutlery as necessary. Tina has plates and napkins from last picnic.

Lucy will make a “PNO in the Park” sign to put on the shelter.

Status: Closed

By-Laws Development: Continue discussion from June

The proposed by-laws were reviewed item by item. Some changes were suggested that will be incorporated into the final product. Final review of updated bylaws will be presented at August meeting.

Status: Open

Non-Profit Status: Review documents required to establish an Ohio non-profit corporation

Lucy passed around copies of the pertinent documents and explained what sort of information would have to be provided. Specifically, we need to have initial directors and a statutory agent. All members agreed to think about the requirements and discuss them at the next meeting.

Status: Open

New Business

Other business as raised at meeting

Review prices for picnic.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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